Chanel Spa To Debut At The Ritz, Paris


By Joan Stern in Style Women, Travel, Pusuitist

It doesn’t end at No. 5, haute cuoture, fashion shows, signature tweed jackets, iconic leather accessories, dazzling jewelry and other high-on-fashion creations for Chanel. The French fashion house is up to much more than just what can be carried or worn. Chanel announces its first spa “Chanel au Ritz Paris”at the illustrious Ritz Paris.

Expected to feature a range of signature treatments using Chanel’s lavish skincare products, the spa is estimated to debut along with the opening of the renovated Hôtel Ritz Paris at the end of 2015. The French fashion house also stated, “The strong bond that unites CHANEL and the Ritz Paris was initiated by Mademoiselle Chanel who lived 34 years at the Ritz. Located in the Ritz Club, ‘CHANEL au Ritz Paris’ will provide women with a unique sensorial and customized experience.”

The launch of Chanel’s spa at the grand palatial hotel in the heart of Paris doesn’t come as much surprise as both the brands share a strong history. Couturier Coco Chanel had made the Ritz her home for more than thirty years. Paying tribute to their glorious association, Chanel also added that, “The story linking Chanel and the Ritz Paris would not be complete without the opening of a new Coco Chanel suite inspired by the one she originally occupied and by the decor she loved so much.”


Ritz Paris, which is closed for a major multi-million dollar renovation, is ranked highly among the most prestigious and luxurious hotels in the world.

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